About Us

We’re AroundAI, a young, creative team dedicated to transforming how businesses interact with technology. Since late 2023, we’ve been making AI approachable and actionable for businesses eager to innovate and adapt. Our passion lies in demystifying AI, ensuring it’s not just a tool for the few but a catalyst for growth and efficiency for the many.

the mission

Our mission is to empower organizations by simplifying the integration of AI into their current workflows. We aim to educate and equip businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to harness the power of AI, driving innovation and success.

The Vision

We envision a future where AI is an essential, accessible component of every business strategy. AroundAI is committed to leading this shift, fostering an environment where technology and creativity merge to create smarter, more efficient business solutions.

Meet the Team

Shaurya is a seasoned Software Engineer who leverages his extensive experience to drive innovative projects. With a solid foundation in software engineering, Shaurya aims to innovate and broaden the use and understanding of AI to foster greater inclusivity.

Surya is a technical innovator who specialises in transforming complex technical challenges into scalable, user-centric solutions. As he ventures into the realm of AI, his extensive background in product management and digital transformation strategically positions him to pioneer new innovations in this dynamic field.

Let's keep in touch

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